Should you get a driving license in Singapore?

The legal age requirement for possessing a driving license in Singapore is 18 years old. When you reach this age, you will definitely be pondering if you should get that driving license in Singapore, especially if you come from the lower and middle income families in Singapore.

You may think that it is not necessary to own a car in Singapore. The public transport is so efficient in Singapore. The buses and trains can take you to almost anywhere in Singapore. In addition, Singapore is also a small country. It is easy and fast to travel from one place to another in Singapore. If you do not want to take the public bus or train, you can opt for taxis as well. With the recent technological advancements, private car companies such as Uber and GrabCar are also operating in Singapore to provide you with the alternative for taxis.

Hence, owning a car may not really be necessary, unless your job requires frequent travelling or if you live in some secluded corner in Singapore where it is rather inaccessible via public transport.

If you do want a higher standard of living in Singapore and you have that extra money, you can go for the driving license and get a car in Singapore. It is really easy to pick up driving skills. Learn from a good private driving instructor if you can. Search for good match up agencies such as to recommend you the good private driving instructors. Aim to pass the driving test and get your driving license within 6 months.

While it is not really necessary, it is definitely more comfortable and convenient owning a car in Singapore.

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